Spring 2014

  • Our regular tuesday practicas will be back from the 14th of January, every tuesday from 20.30-23.00, in Oslo Tango Club, Kongens Gate 2.  50,-/70,- for members/non-members.
  • Our classes from this autum are continued from the same date:
  • Beginners, step 3: 17.30-19.00
    Intermediate, step 3:  19.00-20.30
    If you have not participated in the previous classes, but feel that you are on the right level, we will be able to integrate you.  Classes run for 8 weeks, and are then followed by step 4.

dancing along the fjordFriends, Fjord & Tango 2014

       – Five Years Jubilee!

Our little and cosy festival is celebrating its fifth year, during the week-end of 22nd to 24th of August. The concept is as always to gather tango friends and get a lot of opportunities to dance and get to know each other in a very relaxed atmosphere. As in previous years, there will be a boat trip on saturday, picnicking and dancing by the fjord, to the sound of gramophone music, and grand lunch on sunday. Only fifty places, so enlist in time. Read More…

Join us

Tango is a very beautiful experience mixing music, physicality and communication. It is a very emotional dance based on a permanent dialogue between the two partners. We are a group of dancers fascinated by this exquisite game and how much fun and intensity it can be.

Every Tuesday, you can join us at Oslo Queer Practica and experience it. We aim to develop an open space where every dancer can express himself/herself as a follower or a leader regardless of gender.