Quick-fix Workshop for Complete Beginners, 26. August 2016


So you never danced tango before, or you barely just tried a couple of times? Here is a workshop designed to give you just enough competence to survive a night on the tango dance floor. We open our festival this year with this quick-fix for complete beguinners. The Workshop takes place in the Attic of the Ibsen Museum, in Arbins gate 1, on Friday 26. August from 17.30-19.45. The price of 200,- kr includes the following dance party – the so-called milonga – from 20.00-02.00. It is our experience that most of the attendees at these workshops choose not to participate at the party. That is a BIG mistake! 😉 Make sure you get all the fun you can, out of this. The class is just an introduction to the theory of tango, the true learning lies in the fun you have on the dance floor afterwards. You may register by clicking on “Price & Registration” below and filling out the form. WELCOME!


August 26st, 17.30-19.45. Tommy Olson gives an introduction to basic tango technique.


The Attic of the Ibsen Museum, Arbins gate 1.

Price & Registration

200,- kr, includes the following milonga (dance party). - ()